Regional, State, and Local Restoration Movement History

This list seeks to compile works of Stone-Campbell/Restoration Movement history which have a regional, state, or local (city/county) focus. If you have any additions to the list, please let me know.


  • Alabama Restoration Journal: An Historical Perspective of Churches of Christ in Alabama.
  • Chandler, Dana. “Churches of Christ in Alabama.” Encyclopedia of Alabama.
  • Kimbrough, Earl. The Restoration in Russell’s Valley and Northwest Alabama, 1842-1945. Monroe, GA: Book Production Resources, 2013.
  • Phillips, Dabney. A History of the Church of Christ in Alabama. 1990.
  • Plyler, Asa M. Historical Sketches of the Churches of Christ in Alabama. Henderson, TN: Hester Publications.
  • Watson, George H. and Mildred B. Watson. History of the Christian Churches in the Alabama Area. St. Louis, MO: The Bethany Press, 1965.
  • Young, John. “The Origins of the Churches of Christ in Bibb County, Alabama.”
  • Young, John. “The Tide Turns Towards Restoration: A Brief History of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.” Journal of Faith and the Academy 15 (2022): 34-41.


  • Combs, Rob, et al, eds. The Church Through the Ages: 2018 Lawrence and Randolph Counties Bible Lectureship. 2018.
  • Haynie, Paul D. “A Peculiar People: A History of the Churches of Christ in Washington and Madison Counties, Arkansas.” PhD dissertation, University of Arkansas, 1988.
  • Haynie, Paul D. “Churches of Christ.” Encyclopedia of Arkansas.
  • History of the Birdell/Noland Churches of Christ.
  • History of the Churches of Christ in Mississippi County, Arkansas.
  • Morgan, Boyd E. Arkansas Angels. Paragould, AR: College Bookstore Press, 1967.
  • Morgan, James Logan Jr. History of the Surrounded Hill Church of Christ (Jackson County, Arkansas), 1850-1978.
  • Wilson, Michael L. Arkansas Christians:A History of the Restoration Movement in Randolph County, Arkansas, 1800-1995. Delight, AR: Gospel Light Publishing Co, 1997.


  • Bowers, Calvin H. Realizing the California Dream: The Story of Black Churches of Christ in Los Angeles. Calvin H. Bowers, 2001.
  • Ware, E.B. History of the Disciples of Christ in California. Healdsburg, CA: F.W. Cooke, 1916.


  • Ellis, Andrew Martin. A Century of Service, 1881-1981: Chronicles of Churches of Christ in Pensacola & Northwest Florida. Pensacola, FL: A.M. Ellis and Friends of Escambia Christian School, 1991.
  • Townsend, J.C. A History of Churches of Christ in Florida with Other Related Stories, 1869-1949. Compiled by Geraldine McLeod Thompson. Florida Bible Camp, 2003.






  • Dishongh, Eric M. From Campbell to Katrina: A History of the Churches of Christ in New Orleans. Florence, AL: Heritage Press, 2011.
  • Helton, Stanley N. “Solomon Northup Among Baptists and Campbellites in Antebellum Louisiana.” Restoration Quarterly 57, no. 2 (2015): 77-94.



New England

New York



  • Baird, W. David. Churches of Christ in Oklahoma: A History. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2020.
  • England, Stephen J. Oklahoma Christians: A History of Christian Churches and of the Start of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma. Bethany Press, 1975.


  • Rushford, Jerry. Christians on the Oregon Trail: Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in Early Oregon, 1842-1882. 2nd ed. Joplin, MO: College Press Publishing Company, 1998.
  • Swander, C.F. Making Disciples in Oregon. 1928.


  • Grant, J.W. The Reformation in Tennessee.
  • Hazelip, Harold. “Churches of Christ.” Tennessee Encyclopedia.
  • Norton, Herman Albert. Tennessee Christians: A History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee. Nashville, TN: Reed and Company, 1971.
  • Waddey, John. Churches of Christ in East Tennessee. Winona, MS: J.C. Choate Publications, 1988.
  • Woodson, William. Standing for their Faith; A History of Churches of Christ in Tennessee, 1900-1950. Henderson, TN: J&W Publications, 1979.


  • Hall, Colby D. Texas Disciples: A Story of the rise and progress of that Protestant Movement known as Disciples of Christ or Christian Churches, as it developed in Texas; including, through the Nineteenth Century decades, a story of the kindred Movement, the “Churches of Christ.” Fort Worth, TX: Texas Christian University Press, 1953.
  • McPherson, Chalmers. Disciples of Christ in Texas. Cincinnati, OH: Standard Publishing Company, 1920.
  • Owen, Chuck, ed. The Church of Christ in Laredo, Texas, 1937-2010: A Discussion of the History.
  • Robinson, Edward J. The Fight is on in Texas: A History of African American Churches of Christ in the Lone Star State, 1865-2000. Abilene, TX: Abilene Christian University Press, 2008.


  • Hodge, Frederick Arthur. The Plea and the Pioneers in Virginia: A History of the Rise and Early Progress of the disciples of Christ in Virginia, with Biographical Sketches of the Pioneer Preachers. Richmond, VA: Everett Waddey Company, 1905.

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