Moving on… Sort of!

As evidenced by the fact that I have run two blogs for the last several years, I love writing here (where I can delve into all sorts of side projects that might not be a good fit for my “real” academic work) and over at the “Church of Christ Celebrities” blog (my most widely read, if not necessarily most lucrative, research undertaking). However, I have also had to take a few breaks from writing over the years, often when life circumstances—completion of my dissertation, the birth of my first child—intervened.

After this short post, I will once again be putting the blogs on hiatus for a while. How come? Big changes are underway for the Young household, including, most notably, an upcoming move from Tuscaloosa to Florence!

Some things will remain the same. I’ll be continuing in my current role with Amridge University, for instance, and we are moving in large part to get closer to family and old friends. However, Candace will be changing jobs, Nathan will be changing schools, we’ll be looking for a new church family, and (at least at the time of this writing!) we are already searching for a home of our own. With so much going on, something has to give, and so the blogs will go on the backburner for a bit.

Never fear, though—if you just can’t live without that sweet, sweet John Young content, you can still find my work in some other venues. At the most scholarly level, I have a co-written article (with friend and former student Jason Zaiger) on the history of the Restoration Movement in Iowa coming out in the Stone-Campbell Journal later this year. I’ll also be speaking at the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference later this month on a couple of short research projects that I’ve profiled on the blog before. I am in the early stages of the second season of the B-Team Consulting podcast. And, as time permits, I will keep my various other article and book projects moving forward.

Be sure to keep an eye on the “Celebs” blog in a couple of weeks for one more exciting announcement, and I’ll be back here at some point!

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