Redrawing the Blueprints for the Early Church

During the three years between the spring semester of 2017 and the spring semester of 2020, I had the opportunity to work on a dissertation under the guidance of Dr. John Giggie, Dr. Daniel Riches, Dr. James Mixson, and Dr. George Rable (all of the University of Alabama) as well as outside reader Dr. Loretta Hunnicutt (of Pepperdine University). Now, the fruits of that research are being published in book form by Heritage Christian University Press. This book, Redrawing the Blueprints for the Early Church: Historical Ecclesiology in and around the Stone-Campbell Movement, brings together several religious groups not often featured in historical scholarship and offers a new category of analysis that helps us better understand restorationist theologies.

The book officially launches on June 15, 2021, and copies can be ordered through the publisher’s website ( or from major retailers like:

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